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  • Startup Recognition

MEANING OF A START-UP (as defined by DIPP in its latest notification dated 11th April, 2018)  (a) An entity shall be considered as a Startup: Upto a period of seven(7) years from the date of its incorporation/registration  (In the case of Start-ups in the biotechnology sector, the period shall be upto ten years from the […]

  • Meaning of Startup. Entrepreneur woman. Startup woman. Failure of startup

Startups are the latest trend in the biz-world we all have heard of. But do we actually know what a startup is? “Startup is a state of mind,” says Adora Cheung, cofounder and CEO of Homejoy, one of the Hottest U.S. Startups of 2013. According to Merriam-Webster, start-up means “the act or an instance of setting in operation […]

  • Private Limited Company Registration

REGISTRATION OF A PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY MEANING A Company is a separate legal entity. In other words, a company is a separate person from its owners in the eyes of law. The members/owners/shareholders are separate from the company Thus, a company has a range of legal capacities and its members/owners/shareholders have no personal liability to […]

  • Startup Recognition

A booming out-pour of Startups in India is the recent trendsetter. Recently, we have witnessed many low and high profile Start-Ups landing up in the Court of law fighting legal battles and sabotaging their reputation publicly. In order to avoid such mistakes, here are “8 quick tips” that a Start-Up must do to avoid such […]